Paper's inherent translucency under direct light highlights its unique grain pattern that is otherwise overlooked. I was thus intrigued by how I can best celebrate paper's natural beauty in reaction to a light source.
I first experimented with origami folds to create a "lamp shade" to contain light. However I see that with multiple folds, the thinness of the material is compromised. Apart from this, the form taken by paper steers away from its natural state.
That is until I chanced upon the humble paper clip. I noticed that paper clips do well to temporarily hold paper together while not completely restraining the form. I was thus inspired to incorporate a "clip" or peg into the design to simply hold a piece of paper in place.
In a way, the piece of paper becomes the a convenient lampshade that can be unclipped at will.
Simply roll a desired piece of paper and clip that into place to create an ambient medium. The playful element here lies on how different types of paper can be clipped, either individually or as a cluster, to create different ambience. The stand becomes a simple canvas for our imagination.

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