LAPIS draws inspiration from the traditional, Peranakan delicacy, “Kueh Lapis” or “九层糕”, which is widely appreciated by the local Singaporeans as a hearty snack. A unique way of savouring this colourful, sweet dessert is to peel off each layer and appreciate the thin slices individually. Drawn in by this gesture, LAPIS has 3 layers of storage which can be accessed by peeling off the “coats” of this side table. This is made possible with the usage of magnetic sheets and a mild steel frame; magnetic attraction. Similar to how each layer holds onto one another on the confection, the thin sheets adhere closely to the frame until they are unravelled. Such introduces a novel approach to the conventional cabinet and drawer system as the doors become transparent. Looking at the bigger picture, LAPIS highlights a rich cultural heritage that has received a resurgent interest in Singapore.
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