Snap Light Vessels
Snap is designed strategically for Giarnieri Light Collezioni 2017/18.
Snap is a series of lighting, inspired by the idea of ‘breaking’ light. Incisions are made into the aluminium pipes which are later bent at an angle. This splits the pipe into 2 parts – top and bottom. A LED light source is inserted near the opening of bottom pipe whereas a polished mirror is placed at the top. As light shines upwards on to the mirror, it gets reflected downwards. This results in light being cast in 2 different directions, creating the illusion of light ‘breaking’ into 2 parts.
Snap is also intentionally designed with aluminium pipes that are drawn from stock billets. Hence, this gives the opportunity to produce the design in multiple lengths for different archetypes. In addition, its minimalistic appearance allows the design to fit seamlessly into any household environment.

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