GARY Sling Bag
The GARY sling bag is a commissioned work done for a private client in 2016. Inspired from accordions, GARY has inter-folds on the sides that can help to expand its storage capacity when it is required. High grade, Horween, v-tanned leather is used for this project.
GARY offers quick expansion to increase load capacity only when required.
GARY is designed to fit a 13" Mac book snugly in place.
Adjust the belt according to the load capacity within the sling bag.
Integrated pull-tabs allow your phone to be lifted from the pockets with ease.
Coin Pouch
The OLIVER Coin Pouch offers a new way to store coins. Recognising the leather's stretch potential, one can access the coin storage with a quick pinch along the 'jawline'. 
If you are looking to design an unique, one-of-a-kind leather ware, you can contact me at Do take note that commissions for leather wares are based on limited quantities as each piece of work is crafted under the hands of skilled leather artisans. Thank you!

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