by Kevin Chiam, Sim Yong Jie, Jacqueline Lau
Snatcha is an interactive design piece that redefines music through playful tactility. The archetype emphasises on team play as it invites piqued individuals to interact with 12 vibrant consoles. Snatcha provides an opportunity for people to delve into their childhood memories as tugs and pull among one another, similar to children snatching over a favourite toy, change the nature of the music. The seemingly innocuous table surface resonates in accordance to that notion via visual bumps which accents a successful snatch.
All this is made possible with the integration of Arduino technology alongside MP3 shields, conductive sponges as pressure sensors, together with the silicone (RTV 585) table top.
6 handles on each side produces different music each, with a central handle for the base beat
Silicone tabletop provides visual feedback when pulling the handles

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