The following is a freelance job that was done for  Mangrove Learning Singapore. It covers a brochure/catalogue, a Sales Kit and Performance Charges.
About The Company
​Started off in 2007, the SCHOOL OF DAIKO was first established as a Taiko drumming school providing quality enrichment programmes and training services. To further enhance the mission of value-based learning, Mangrove Learning Pte. Ltd. was then established to house the School of Daiko and at the same time, to provide a diverse range of arts related programmes such as flora arts, traditional dances, visual arts etc. Holding on to a strong belief on the positive impacts brought about by arts-based learning, Mangrove Learning pledged a social mission to engage youths-at-risk in the art of Taiko drumming and provide employment opportunities for these youths. Since then, Mangrove Learning has registered itself as a full member of Social Enterprise Association of Singapore and Association of Small and Medium Size Enterprise

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