"Remote" is a project that is done as a proposal for LG Electronics (Europe) during an exchange program to Eindhoven University of Eindhoven (TU/E). The challenge was to redesign the remote for their existing line of LED teles such that it reflects 2 distinct traits - functionality & richness of interaction.
The first concept, which was eventually selected for refinement, pays homage to Dieter Rams' principles of design. Interaction mediums are stripped, tinkered and condensed into 16 essential buttons. 
Placement of elements are considered based on common user behaviour and posture.
The second concept touches on the humanistic aspect of the remote. In this case, the exploration delves deep into how a remote can be relatable, animated and more importantly, humane.
The cold, hard shell has been replaced with a warm silicon shell, a medium that well captures the touch of our hands.
A single touch breathes life into the remote as it glows to welcome anyone who is enchanted by its beauty.
The following images are close analyses of existing remotes, as well as a detailed explanation of the concepts.

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