Having the privilege to take part in the IKEA Young Designer's Award 2015, this wall mirror concept came in 3rd at the final presentation out of 100 submissions hailing from different tertiary instiuitions in Singapore. Below is a short description of the project:
The common object that comes into daily contact with the local Singaporean is often the inconspicuous mirror. Be it starting a good day or ending a great night, the humble mirror serves as not just a reflection of the person’s outlook but also a platform to embrace the changes along the day in either the bathroom or bedroom. GÅNGJÄRN stems from the concept of strictly being a mirror; removing the bulky storage people would associate with wall mirrors. Riding on that philosophy, GÅNGJÄRN offers a flexible, temporary storage for clothing and towels via the hinged arm and another similar space for metallic knick knacks such as keys, etc. Got a hook? No worries, throw it on and see how the magnetic beam of GÅNGJÄRN holds the load. Being slim has got nothing to do with poor storage.
Actual Prototyping

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