Introducing Flex
From an accessory to a depressing and impersonal clinical tool, the walking cane had unfortunately taken a turn into an emblem for the old and challenged. Essentially Flex seeks to redefine that for the elderly and more.

Emphasising on the notion of dynamic walking, Flex spots a elastic shoe design which ‘blossoms’ on contact with the ground. Such not only increases the surface contact, thus making it more stable, but also serves as a reliable anchor for the next step. This motion too cushions the impact as a result of the cane-ground contact, more so when the user leans on the aid.

During the walking transitions, the blossomed profile springs right back into a streamlined design which is shyly unobtrusive. This ensures that the movement is natural and dynamic.

Looking closer, the handle embraces the natural posture of the elderly and spots an inviting grip with generous curvatures at pressure points where they tend to hold. No longer will one be uncertain about the next step he/she takes for Flex offers comfort, safety and assurance, all within a simple package. 
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Flex has been awarded the Industart International Industrial Design Award in the Equipment Category in 2015 

Flex is also featured during the Dubai Design Week and on CNN Style

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