Loop took part in the 2016 Designathon held in Singapore and clinched the 2nd prize.

Designathon 2016 is a 36-hour design challenge organised by the Asian Insights & Design Innovation unit of the Council.
Meet Loop.
The elderly spend 80% of their awake time sedentary, often in a sitting or reclined position. This routine is unfortunately not by choice. Physical deterioration and chronic illnesses are factors that can limit an active lifestyle. Loop, a smart air cushion, is thus designed to combat sedentary lifestyle through active sitting.

Loop is essentially a “nimble pocket of air” which creates a buoyant and comfortable seating surface that naturally adapts to the posture of the elderly. This is possible thanks to the calibrated air capacity within the ribbed air cushion. This design feature mainly guides air displacement when weight is emphasised on various parts of the cushion; such as when the user fidgets around.

As the air shifts within the cushion during postural change, core muscles are actively engaged when balance is briefly required. This allows the elders to be more conscious of their own sitting posture while supporting their transition. For the elderly who finds it challenging to egress from their seats after prolonged sitting, this gentle nudge helps them to get up independently in a dignified manner too.

Unlike solutions which may appear intimidating, Loop has a low inertia for adoption as it is contained within a simple cushion cover that can be easily personalised and retro-fitted onto existing furniture. This means that the elderly can still reap the benefits of active sitting as the product language is familiar, amicable and easily understood.
An elderly testing the early prototype (zip lock bag filled with calculated amount of air).

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